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# Nombre Orígen Significado Género
1 Pabla Espanol Little. F
2 Paciencia Espanol Paciente. F

3 Pacfico Ingles Pacfico; Pacfico. One del many qualities and virtues that the Puritans adopted as names after the Reformation. F
4 Pacfico Latino Tranquil. F
5 Pacquita Latino Libre. F
6 Padan-aram Biblico Cultivated field o table-land. F
7 Paddy Latino Diminutivo of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples. F
8 Padma Hindi Lotus flower. F
9 Padma Indio Lotus. F
10 Padraigin Irlandes Noble. F
11 Page Frances Attendant. F
12 Page Griego Child. F
13 Page Shakesperiano 'El rey Enrique VIII' Anne Bullen, Katharine's Maid of Honour, afterwards Queen. 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' Mistress Anne Page, daughter to Mistress Ford. F

14 Pai Biblico Howling, sighing. F
15 Paige Frances Attendant. F
16 Paili Hebreo Bitter. F
17 Pakwa Nativo Americano Frog (Hopi). F
18 Palba Espanol Blond. F
19 Pales Latino Goddess of shepherds and flocks. F
20 Palestina Biblico Which es covered, watered, o brings and causes ruin. F