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# Nombre Orígen Significado Género Guardar

1 Wa'il Musulman Coming back (for shelter).. M
2 Wa'iz Musulman Preacher. Advisor.. M
3 Waa'il Musulman Variante de Wa'il: Coming back (for shelter).. M
4 Waa'iz Musulman Variante de Wa'iz: Preacher. Advisor.. M
5 Waahib Musulman Variante de Wahib: Liberal. Donor.. M
6 Waamiq Musulman Variante de Wamiq: Amoroso. Friendly.. M
7 Waathiq Musulman Variante de Wathiq: Confident. fuerte.. M
8 Wacfeld Ingles From Wake's field. M
9 Wacian Anglosajon Watchful. M

10 Wacian Ingles Alert. M
11 Wacleah Ingles From Wake's meadow. M
12 Wacuman Ingles Watchman. M
13 Wada Ingles Advancer. M
14 Wadanhyll Ingles From the advancer's hill. M
15 Wade Anglosajon Moving. M
16 Wade Ingles Ford (as in Ro crossing); Advancer'; Medieval given name from Escandinavo mythology. M
17 Wade Escandinavo Medieval given name from Escandinavo mythology. Also Ingls Apellido referring to a water crossing. M
18 Wadee' Musulman Variante de Wadi': Calm. Pacfico.. M
19 Wadi' Musulman Calm. Pacfico.. M
20 Wadley Ingles From Wade's meadow. M